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NX Cam

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About NX Cam

Students attending this course should be familiar with Engineering Drawing, Machine Drawing, Limits, Fits and Tolerances.

Essentials for NX Designers Overview:

  • Opening and working with parts
  • NX Interface:
  • Coordinate Systems:
  • Creating parts with sketches:
  • Creating part features:
  • Geometry Editing
  • Creating datum geometry to support design intent
  • Examining the structure of a model
  • Editing and manipulating the sketches
  • Trimming a solid body
  • Creating swept features with offset and draft
  • Creating and editing holes
  • Creating and manipulating shell features
  • Copying and mirroring part segments
  • Blending and chamfering edges
  • Modifying geometry of imported parts
  • Loading and working with assemblies
  • Adding and positioning parts in an assembly

NX Synchronous Modeling Fundamentals

  • Basic concepts of Synchronous Modeling
  • Modify Face
  • Detail Feature
  • Delete Face
  • Reuse commands
  • Synchronous Modeling relationships
  • Dimension commands
  • Adaptive Shell
  • Edit Cross Section and Edit Section
  • Optimize Face
  • Projects: Create and edit parts using Synchronous Modeling

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