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Best VSI-VHDL Training in Chandigarh Mohali

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Best VSI-VHDL  Training in Chandigarh Mohali

VLSI –an introduction

  • History of IC design.
  • Design Methodologies.
  • Digital circuit design using CMOS.
  • Overview of ASICs.
  • Electronic Design Automation tools.
  • VLSI Design flow.
  • Fundamental of Digital Electronics.

2- Designing with Schematic

  • Digital circuit design using Schematic.
  • Testing digital circuits on software and hardware.
  • Implementing circuits on programmable chips.
  • Tool used:- Microwind Lite 3.5 &Dsch35.

3- Designing with HDL (hardware description language)

  • Introduction to Verilog & VHDL (Focus on Verilog).
  • Structural modelling.
  • Dataflow modelling.
  • Behavioral modelling.
  • Designing circuit with HDL.
  • Modeling and concepts module instantiation, ports and their mapping,
  • Test bench:- reg, regular delay, stimulus writing, system task, concept of initial block
  • Dataflow modeling
  • Operators: bitwise, arithmetic, logical, reduction, shift, relational, equality, concatenation.
  • Verilog Language & data types:- keywords, syntax, semantic, case sensitive, comments, naming convention foridentifiers,
  • escaped identifiers, number representation & formats, strings, data types, vectors, arrays, bit & part select of Vectors.
  • Behavioral modeling:- initial & always procedural blocks, different methods of generating a clock, blocking and non blocking assignments
  • Event control (sequential circuit modeling):- edge/level triggering Procedural statements:- if, if else, nested if i.e. if – else if, case, casex, casez , for, while, repeat, forever,
  • Tool used:- Xilinx 14.1(Latest Version).

4- Simulation and synthesis issues

  • Fundamental of simulation and synthesis.
  • Simulation process and types of simulation and simulator.
  • Synthesis design flow.
  • Synthesis tools features.

5- Implementation of digital circuits on programmable chips

  • On CPLD’s.

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