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6 weeks industrial training in Chandigarh

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Best 6 weeks industrial training in chandigarh

Industrial training is a part of the engineering curriculum. Everyone who is pursuing, Polytechnic in any branch has to do 6 weeks industrial training in Chandigarh. Industrial training is given to learning the environment of an industry where every engineer has to go for a job after the completion of a degree or diploma. During college everyone more focused on books rather than practical work. So the industrial training is given by the university/board to have an exposure to live environment in manufacturing and production units. Excellence Technology offers the best industrial training practical classes in Chandigarh. We also offer stipend based training in Chandigarh for deserving candidates.

Opportunities With Us

  • We develop websites and software of our offshore clients from US, UK, France, Germany, and Poland, so our students will have the chance to work on live projects.
  • Deserving Candidates can get a stipend, who must have prior knowledge of a specific domain.
  • At the end, of course, every student will have a chance to be a part of our technical team.
  • The student will attend a meeting with our clients so that they can have an idea of how to interact with International clients.
  • Students will come to know that how exactly the SDLC model works in a real-time environment.
  • Excellence Technology will conduct 5 interviews at the end of the course, out of 5 we assure student will crack 2 interviews surely.
  • Experience letter will be given to those who will work on our client’s projects.
  • Excellence will conduct industrial visits at manufacturing and production units to learn practical during 6 weeks industrial training in Chandigarh.
6weeks industrial training in chandigarh

6 weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh Available for


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Why most of Engineers are unemployed?

In India we have plenty of jobs available in the IT sector, but why most of the engineers are failed to get the desired job. After analysis, we come to know that engineers are not technically skilled they are very good at the theory part. Students who scored more than 80% are don’t know how to install even window, then how could they secure handsome salary packages in such a competitive era. Engineers are more focused on books and exams only, they are not concerned about the practicals. So here excellence technology gives you the best 6 weeks industrial training in Chandigarh with hands of live projects. Industrial training is not all about projects and viva only also having the live experience of Client projects.

6 weeks industrial Training In Chandigarh Benefits

We all know that industrial training in much important than books, but some students believe that they will learn things practically in their local city or town, we have a list of students who have taken their training from local areas and they have learned nothing then how could they get a job, Chandigarh is the city where you will find top MNC are working, and they give chance to those students who have prior knowledge of their domains, so we strongly recommend take your 6 weeks industrial training in Chandigarh and learn the industry environment.

6weeks industrial training in chandigarh

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